Feng Shui Your Relationships ~ Living in the Flow of Love and Abundance!

Feng Shui Your Relationships ~ Living in the Flow of Love and Abundance!

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As we continue to explore the theme of communication, we will be talking about practicing effective communication within the context of relationships.  Join Jill and Rebecca as they reveal some of their most potent communication tips for rapidly transforming your relationships into pure gold!  They will show you how to apply the proven techniques of Feng Shui to your relationships so that you can harness the ultimate power within them.  Discover the essential connection between your relationships and your abundance.   When you discover the secrets and strategies of soulful relationships you’ll naturally begin to see your prosperity soar.  Jill Lebeau, MFT and Rebecca Grado, MFT are a dynamic duo who have 50 years of combined experience guiding thousands of couples to successfully create their ideal relationships.  They’ll show you how quickly and easily you can create harmony and flow in your relationships, and live in your field of dreams where all things are possible.