6/16/11 – Edith Billup Shares Gratitude, Women on the Spiritual Path and Biogenesis

Edith Billups is an experienced consultant and president of The Gabriel Media Group. She specializes in media relations, fundraising and event planning and also writes in a freelance capacity for several newspapers and magazines. She has over thirty years of experience providing leadership in the media and entertainment arena. Join us as Edith discusses her Gratitude for A Revered Cherokee Choctaw Elder and All the Women Who Walk A Sacred Path Honoring the Earth.

As the general manager of WDCU-FM Radio in Washington, DC for over ten years, Ms. Billups led the jazz radio station to a top position and rating among similar outlets. Ms. Billups also has traveled throughout the world promoting peace initiatives. She has participated in delegations to Europe, India, Africa and South America. Currently, she spends her time between her Washington, DC base and a Los Angeles office providing media consulting and overseeing global fundraising and special events that further the altruistic interest of clients dedicated to a world that works for everyone.

She will also spend the second part of the interview focusing on BioGenesis – a technology that uses spiritual energy to offer many physical and emotional benefits, assisting in restoring harmony in one’s body, one’s life and one’s home. Dr. Ginger Bowler who entered the Holistic Health field some 25 years ago will join Edith. She and her family have lived and worked throughout the United States and they currently make their home near Boulder, Colorado. Now that Dr. Bowler and her company have moved to Colorado, the focus has shifted again. With the creation of the online classes as a way to reach students across the globe and the establishment of the Quantum Academy in Colorado, Ginger and her team now focus full time on educational opportunities. Ginger Bowler, Ph.D., and her company, Energy Events Global, hosts seminars on Natural Healing and Energy Medicine in an effort to empower the healer in each of us. She is the executive producer of New Dimensions in Healing Yourself, a DVD with Hanna Kroeger and is the author of “Listening and Communicating with Energy” and “Hanna Kroeger, Natural Healer,”and “The Teacher’s Manual for Hanna Kroeger’s work.”  http://www.gingerbowler.com

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