Creativity-2 Featuring Donna Menthol Using Voice – Knowing Voice

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Explore creativity and that which emanates from within you. For some it is poetry, while for others it is music and/or music production, art, jewelry, voice development, theater, performance, etc.  Regardless, of whether it is presence, confidence, ideas, approaches, or the strategies and everything that goes into it; the focus of this show and the upcoming series on Creativity will go INto it. Become inspired and begin to understand what it is that sparks that essence within you to express yourself. Let others know to tune in to tap their INspiration. The incomparable Donna Menthol is a singer’s singer. Her rich velvety voice and masterful delivery, in styles from torch ballads, blues, funk and jazz, have made her an acclaimed performer at festivals, shows and in clubs and restaurants around the world. A highly praised teacher, Donna helps beginners to find their natural voice, and professional singers to take their craft to a deeper level. Donna combines teaching with healing arts skills that can bring profound change through singing to free the spirit. Donna’s singing career took off in her twenties. She traveled across the country for 13 years with her own ever evolving bands.In New York,. She sang at clubs such as Sweet Basil’s in the West Village and Scrambles in Soho. At Sweet Basil’s she sang with Kenny Barron, Richard Davis (bass player for Sarah Vaughan) who is now head of the University of Wisconsin’s Music Department, Jon Faddis, Ricky Ford, and Freddie Waitts. At Scrambles,she sang, accompanied by Lloyd Lifton, a disciple of Lenny Tristano, and with Larry Arlotta, the keyboardist for Blood Sweat and Tears. Some people were lucky enough to hear her sit in with Bob Dourough. She also played with George Mitchell, Lynn Keller, Ron Brown, and Mel Brown (from the Diana Ross rhythm section), and she has opened for such renowned artists as The Lettermen and Dionne Warwick.

Click This Link to Listen to The Show ~ Your Comments Are Welcomed


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