Creativity-1 and Expressing Yourself From The Inside Out

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Join us as we explore creativity and that which emanates from within you. For some it is poetry, while for others it is music and/or music production, art, jewelry, voice development, theater, performance, etc.  Regardless, of whether it is presence, confidence, ideas, approaches, or the strategies and everything that goes into it; the focus of this show and the upcoming series on Creativity will go IN to it. Become inspired and begin to understand what it is that sparks that essence within you to express yourself. Let others know to tune in to tap their INspiration.

The first in a series of FIVE featuring:

Tamara Selvig and Rene and Pam Conner. Tamara is an artist who specializes in ceramic pottery, ceramic sculptures, and figure drawing. She also works with seniors, teaching ceramics at assisted living facilities. Tamara also paints, and here current passion is figure drawing. Her house and garden are filled with lots of artwork. She also has a beautiful 22 year-old daughter.

Pam and Rene are a mother / daughter team who have created magnificent arts or work that include Native American and contemporary designs with products ranging from dream catchers, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and more. They take pride in their American Indian heritage and culture and it shows in their creative jewelry.

Visit Tamara Selvig on Facebook and Rene and Pamela at Jewelry by Two Dawns (


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