6/23/11 – A Will To Live Featuring Doris A.M. Thomas

Born in Washington, D.C. 86 years ago, Doris A.M. Thomas is Ms. D.C. Senior 1992 and currently serves as Founder\Company Director of the Serenity Players Theater Group. Doris is an actress and performer, dancer, writer and model. She also sews, paints, does Tai Chi, aerobics, yoga, tap dances and sings in the choir at St. Francis Xavier Church. She performs at many senior centers throughout the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. She is a cancer survivor of 42 years and has received many awards from the American Cancer Society while serving as a Reach to Recovery Volunteer. 

Beyond this, she is the author of “The Will to Live…Poems From the Heart” and has recently released an audio CD featuring several of the poems from the book in her own gentle, wisdom laden, soothing voice. Furthermore, she is in the process of completing and taking to print her second book, “The Will to Live Continues”. Join us as we play selected tracks from the CD and here from the woman herself, my new friend, our sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and so much more about the will to live. You will not be disappointed. Pass this on to other older adults and visit the blog at The S/Heroes Path and Journey. For information on how to download the CD as MP3 files visit Create And Play It.

Click this link to listen to the show.

Follow This Link to Order a Copy of Doris A.M. Thomas’ CD or to Download The MP3: https://www.createandplayit.net/The_Will_To_Live.html


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